I am Jakob Wierzba, but you can call me Kuba.
I make websites and applications.
I also make art, photographs, comedy and radio.

If you think that’s an interesting combination of interests, and you need a website, a programmer for your art project, a speaker or workshop instructor, say hi at kuba@3c33.de.


Selection; topmost = most recent.

Dieter Daniels professor
Jan Wirdeier photographer
Weisses Ross hotel
Orte, die man kennen sollte art project
Winfried Muthesius artist 0
sooderso sowieso photo class 2
Torsten Hattenkerl photographer
Vorschau photo class 1
203 photo class 2
alongside photo class 1
Christoph Löffler photographer
Marta Wierzba scientist
Muthesius Immobilien real estate
Tobias Wirth photographer
Laden Fuer Nichts art gallery 0
Kannst du es sehen? photo project
showcase material! =
code & design by me, except:
code only = 0
CI by Hans Schumacher = 1
CI by Jenny Fitz = 2

I have worked with: Miss Kittin (DJ), Zeit Paris Berlin (fashion), Klasse für Type-Design HGB Leipzig, Postindustriale/pi.lab Leipzig (art science/history collective), Our Food Stories (food blog), Anna Haifisch (comics).


avldata + auslight

An online resource presentation and scheduling/booking tool I developed for the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Manages 600 students vs. 600 pieces of equipment. We took a human wiggle room approach: communication over enforcement of strict rules.

Features coming in 2016: e-mail notifications, better mobile experience, improved user management.
Adaptable for other resources or tasks, please get in touch!


CMS for image-heavy websites. All of the photo-related websites above run on this system or a predecessor.
Through an online file manager you put your high-res images, photographs or videos into a regular folder structure, which is reflected into a collection of HTML, properly converted image files and other assets, which are then uploaded to your own, independent webspace.


Simple CMS for text-heavy one-page websites.
This very page runs on it, as well as the professor/scientist websites above :)

CV & Skills

I speak English, German, Polish and some French.

I speak JavaScript, XHTML5, CSS/LESS, SVG, PHP, SQL, Python, BASH, XSLT/XSD and some C. I have used perls, pascals and basics.
I use jQuery and Backbone.js but try to limit the dependency on frameworks.
I’ve been around since IE4 vs. NS4 and can make my stuff run on IE6 or an old iPhone when necessary.
I love the command line, Linux, vim, ffmpeg, imagemagick, sox, gimp, inkscape, povray and scribus – and all combinations thereof. I’m good at Photoshop and ok at Indesign. I can edit video and I’m learning Blender.


Jakob Wierzba
Breitkopfstraße 1
04317 Leipzig


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